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Kang Yu-yi's Gallery(8)

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Splash-ink Landscape Painting 45*60cm

Splash-ink: Green Mountain 70*45cm

Cherishable Mountain and River 70*45cm

Ciff Forest of Mont Huang 140*35cm

A Corner of Mount Huang 45*70cm

Along with River Wind to Encounter Half Mountain's Cloud 140*35cm

Lijiang River, The Most Beautiful one 80*40cm

Splash-ink: Music of Morning 70*70cm

Splash-ink: Spring Rain in Jiangnan 70*70cm

Splash-ink: Empty Mountain after Rain 45*70cm

Splash-ink: Pure River in the Foot of Mountain 70*70cm

Splash-ink: Shuangxi Infall 70*70cm

Spring Breeze Greens Jiangnan Again 140*35cm

Early Spring of Jiangnan 45*70cm

Morning Haze over River 45*70cm

Zijin Mountain of Jinling 70*45cm

Morning sunlight of China 68*45cm

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