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Kang Yu-yi's Gallery(6)

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Only Green 45x68cm

Morning River and Mountain 45*68cm

A Sight of Huang Mountains 45x68cm

Grant Yu Mountains 45x68cm

Leisurely Clouds and Lofty Mountains 45x68cm

Singing Curving River 45x68cm

Two Springs Outgoing 45x68cm

Autumn Moon upon Jiuhua Mountains 45x48cm

Rhyme of Mountains 45x68cm

Mountain Village 68x45cmcm

Bashan Mountain in Night Rain 45x68cm

Beautiful Green Mountain Range 68x45cm

Cluster of Peaks 45x68cm

Mountain Village in Guizhou 45x68cm

Red Rock amid Green Trees 68x45cm

Spring Breeze Greens Riverside Again 50*68cm

Grand Longshan Temple 45x68cm

Beautiful Jiangnan 45*68cm

Brook under Cliff 45x68cm

Intoxicated over a River 68x45cm

Mountains Never Age 45x68cm

Shangrila Impression 45x68cm

Rock Pecker of Mt Yandang 70x90cm

Spring Breeze Greens Mt Yandang Again 45x70cm

Dalongqiu of Mt Yandang 70x70cm 

Cave Guanyin of Mt Yandang 45x70cm

Peak Ling of Mt Yandang 70x70cm

Peak Ling Effusive Rock of Mt Yandang 70x70cm

Nantianmen of Mt Yandang 45x70cm

Peak Pingzhang of Mt Yandang 70x80cm

Xianqiao of Mt Yandang 70x45cm

Fall Xishiliang of Mt Yandang 45x70cm

Grand Gorge Xianshengmen of Mt Yandang 70x80cm

Tianchi Lake of Mt Yandang 70x45cm

A Small Volcanic Neck of Mt Yandang 70x45cm

Bridge and Brook 45x70cm

Grand Mt Songshan 60*70cm

Spring of Peak Junji 70*70cm

Spring of Mt Songshan 70*45cm

Erecting Mt Songshan 45x70cm

Nantianmen 45*70cm

Remote Mountains in Spring Rain 70*45cm

Towering Southern Mt Songshan 45*70cm

Spring Fountain of Mt Shaoshi 45*70cm

Nimble Rock Greeting Spring 45x70cm

Just after a Spring Rain 70*45cm

Towering Mt Songshan --- for The Centenary Yongchun 1st High School 45*70cm

Junji Peak alt.1500 45*70cm

Colorful Mountains in Guizi 140*35cm

Light Boats in East River 140*34cm

Red Mountain With Green Reflecting River 140*35cm

Arrow-like Peaks of Mt Songshan 45*70cm

Sanhuangzhai after Rain 45*70cm

Amid Mt Taishi 70*45cm

Forgeting Return Home with Leisure Waters 70*70cm

Dark Sky Implying a Rain 70*45cm

Jialing River Locked by Mist 70*70cm

Morning Music of Mountain and River 45*70cm

Mountains with Pure River 140*35cm

Flying Crane and Pavilion 135*67cm

Yusun Cliff 70*60cm

Graceful Mountains in Clouds 140*35cm

Dwellong of Clouds 45*70cm

Extensive Clouds from Downpour Yesterday 140*70cm

The Most Bright Moon is in Home 70*45cm

Morning Sunlight of Gully 67*67cm

Propitious Clouds over Auspitious Place 70*70cm

Mountain, Clouds and Pure River 134*67cm

Lofty Stone Cliffs 68*68cm

Coming Light Boats in Spring Breeze 68*68cm

Containing Ample Countries 140*35cm

Caishii Cliff 45*70cm

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