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Kang Yu-yi's Gallery(5)

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Sunrise of New Millenary 45x70cm

Mountain Gap of Tailan River 45x70cm

Wenxi Bodhisattva 67x67cm

Kuokesu Gorge at North Tianshan Mountains 140x70cm

Mining at Kuche in Night 67x70cm

Headstream of Talimu River 67x67cm

Flying Musician 67x45cm

The Kashi River 67x67cm

Fairies Visit Grape Valley in Night 45x67cm

Shepherds under Qilian Mountains 60x45cm

Mizzle over Wushao Mountain 45x67cm

Oil Field at Eastern Sinkiang Gobi 67x67cm

Passing under Mount Tianshan at Night 45x67cm

Grand Southern Tianshan Mountains 67x67cm

Coursing Passengers at Night Mountain Pass 45x67cm

Millennia-Year-Old Tianshan Mountains Snow 45x67cm

Kashi River Rapids 45x67cm

10 Kilometers Long Grape Valley 45x67cm

Pass by Fire Mountain 45x67cm

Copper Mine at Eastern Sinkiang 45x67cm

Tuomuer Snow Peak 67x45cm

Autumn down Longshou Mountain 67x67cm

Deep Slope of Tianshan Mountain 67x67cm

Loess of Wushan Mountain 67x67cm

Tailan Riverside 67x67cm

Morning of Qinling Mountain 67x67cm

Clouds of Qinling Mountain 67x67cm

Kayingde Gully of Northern Tianshan Mountains 45x67cm

Yili River 67x67cm

Kazikule Peak of Northern Tianshan Mountains 67x67cm

Flying Musician 67x45cm

Tailan River Gorge 67x80cm

Railway between Baoji and Tianshui 67x67cm

Flying by Cloudy Mountains67x110cm

Palace Halfway up Sky 45x60cm

Soaring over Mountains 45x67cm

Grand Hualian Gorge 70x90cm

Night at Hezhang Mount 45x70cm

Empty Mountain after Rain 67x110cm

Supernatural Mountains and White Clouds 90x70cm

Towering Magical Peaks 45x67cm

From Remote Source 45x70cm

Scene of Xiling Mountain 70x70cm

Sails aside Mountains 35x45cm

Peak Xianzhang 70x70cm

Peak Guanyin of Yandang Mountain 70x70cm

Highest Peak of Yandang Mountain 70x45cm

Rising Sun at Yan Lake 70x45cm

A Spring River 45x70cm

Beautiful Landscape of Jiangnan 70x45cm

Shallow Sea Floor World 70x45cm

Thermal Spring Valley 70x45cm

Fogged Mountain and River 70x45cm

Mount Wu Towering 45x70cm

Back to Shangqing Brook in Dream 140x70cm

Three Swords aside Jin Lake 45x70cm

Red Cliff with Holes in Wind 45x70cm

Mountains of Taining 100x67cm

Spring Jin Lake in Taining 70x45cm

Shangqing Brook Gorge 45x70cm

Red Cliffs in Green 45x70cm

Slot to Sky 45x70cm

Two World Divided by a Channel 45x70cm

Ancient Temple in Jin Lake 45x70cm

Spring Breeze Pleasing Sails 68*68cm

Night at Yandang Mountains 45x68cm

Landscape Rhyme 45x68cm

Landscape of Southern China 68x32cm

Morning Rhyme of Mountain and River 45x68cm

Xian Bridge 68x45cm

Uprushing Fall of Yandang Mountain 45x68cm

Tianguan Peak of Yandang Mountains 55x68cm


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