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Kang Yu-yi's Gallery(1)

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Sailing Near a Hill 45*68cm

Blue Brook 45*68cm

Drifting in a Blue Brook 67*90cm
Emerging White Clouds from Mountains 140*68cm
Where Come White Clouds 67*100cm

Dwelling in Clouds and Mountains 67*100cm

Baizhangyan Cliff 67*90cm

Spring Valley 45*68cm

Mizzle over Spring River 45*67cm

Spring Mountains in Mists 45*68cm

Spring Mountains in Serein 30*45cm

Walking in Spring Mountain 45*68cm

Dawn of Spring Mountains 45*68cm

Summer Riverside Village 68*68cm

Serein 137*68cm

Immortal's Abode 45*67cm

Great River Running East 45*68cm

Grand Mountains 45*67cm

Underflow amid Mountains 45*68cm

Tao Generates Cosmos 45*68cm

Fishing out Cave 45*68cm

Towering Greens of Daiyun Mountain 67*137cm

Daiyun Mountain's Spring 45*68cm

Cool in Summer Mountains 137*67cm

Moon over Mount Emei 137*67cm

Wind And Cloud Shaking The Mountain 137*67cm

Mount Monster's Face 67*134cm

Spring of Archaic Forest 67*67cm

Millenary Cypress Tree of Guanshan Mountain 67*90cm

Alp, Clouds and Waters 155*67cm

New Life from Archiac Root 67*90cm

Gongbade Fort 42*45cm

Huangguoshu Waterfall 67*45cm

Sailing a Cold River 45*67cm

Sunset at Taoxi Brook(up)137*35cm

Looking Sky over Huangshan Mountains(below)137*35cm

Fountain at Jinggangshan Mountains 67*90cm

Waterfall at Jiuli Lake 45*68cm

Niushou Mount at Jinling 67*90cm

Spring near South Changjiang River 45*68cm

Greens of Jiuqu Brook 45*67cm

Clear up after a Autumn Rain 67*100cm

Morning Mist above River 45*68cm

Mighty Pine Tree 67*134cm

Streams and Mountains at Night 45*60cm

Spruce of Mount Kalajun 67*45cm

Kuimen Pass 137*67cm

Vacant Mountain after Rain 45*67cm

Kazikule Peak 67*45cm

Mount Dragon 67*67cm

Inspirational Montanic Scenery 137*67cm

Longtan's Autumn 67*45cm

Mountain Dwellings 67*45cm

Listening to Surf 180*67cm

Green Mountain towards Evening 45*67cm

Madelan Fountain 67*67cm

Bright and Beautiful Jiangnan 67*45cm

Western Fujian Scenery 98*68cm

Moyuan( Handwriting Art) 67*137cm

Moon Rises from Tianshan Mountains 45*45cm

Moon, Pine Tree and Waters67*100cm

River in Mid Fujian 45*67cm

Returning Sail at Nanpu 67*45cm

Oujiang River after Rain 45*67cm

Vast Snow 67*137cm

Autumn Wind Driving Sails(up) 140*35cm

Grand Tekesi River (below) 140*35cm

Autumn Mountain Stream 60*45cm

Autumn Ferry 45*67cm

Autumn Scene 45*68cm

Gulls in Flight 140*70cm

Autumn Fruits 68*45cm

Fountain Sound through Mountains 67*137cm

Autumn Mountain Mizzle 45*67cm

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