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Kang Yu-yi's Gallery(4)

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Flowing Fountain in Spring Mountain 45x67cm

Cliff above Smooth Lake 45x67cm

Mountains and Clouds in Spring 45x67cm

Qingshan Temple 45x67cm

Western Mountain Ridge 137x67cm

Spring Tianmen Mountains 45x67cm

Xishan Temple 180x90cm

Waterfall down Ravine 45x60cm

Houses at Eastern Cliff 45x67cm

Swift Boat down Xiling Mount 67x110cm

Free Boats Sailing at Xiling Mountains 45x67cm

A River in Sichuan 45x67cm

Mountain River 45x67cm

Peaks of Wushan Mountains 45x67cm

Back to Mountain and Forest 67x137cm

Grand Yaluzangbu Gorge 45x67cm

Love for Mountains 45x67cm

Serein of Lijiang River 80x45cm

Grand Landscape in mid Fujian 137x67cm

Morning of Daiyun Mountains 137x67cm

Lofty Mountains 45x67cm

Summer Mountains after Rain 67x45cm

Waterfall over a Mountain 45x67cm

Only Water Sounds 60x45cm

Pine Tree Dancing 67x70cm

Spring Mountains Again 45x67cm

Spring Mountain Mist on New Millenary 45x67cm

Lovely Spring Mountains 45x67cm

Fragrance in Snow Sea 67x100cm

Grand Scenery of Baiyun Mountain 90x67cm

Night of Qinling Mountain 45x55cm

Return at Night 45x60cm

Fisherman's Song in Evening 45x70cm

Rosy Clouds and Greens 67*67cm

Sunset of 19 Century 45x67cm

Yanziji Cliff over the Great River 137x67cm

Green Mountains and Afterglow 45x60cm

Fishing under Shilin Mountain 67x110cm

Taoxi Riverside 45x67cm

Plain before Mountains 45x67cm

Mountains in Sunny Spring 45x67cm

Old Horse Travelling Mountains 67x45cm

Sails in River 45x45cm

Soul of Mountain 45x67cm

Waterfalls Whitens Ravines 45x67cm

Afterglow on Xiling Mountain 67x90cm

Houses on Mountain 67x45cm

Rapid Sails to Jiangling 45x67cm

Spring of a Miaozu Village 45x67cm

Glen Village 45x67cm

Heavy Snow in Jinling 45x67cm

River Meandering through Mountains 45x67cm

Taibai Mountain 45x67cm

Remote Mountains, Remote Sails 45x55cm

Water Sound all over Ravines 67x137cm

Xiling Gorge 45x67cm

Marsh Spring 45xx67cm

Spring of Wumeng Mountain 45x67cm

Great Mountain and River 67x90cm

Snow beyond the Great Wall 45x67cm

Amid Mountains and Clouds 45x67cm

Sisters Climbing Mountain 45x67cm

Fountains in Summer Mountain 137x67cm

Mountainside Houses 67x90cm

Alp Morning Sunlight 45x67cm

White Sales of Yashan Mountain 45x60cm

Valley Wind 45x50cm

My Home Is at Riverside 67x45cm

Mountain Dwelling 45x60cm

Spring Mountains in Mist 140x70cm

Propitious Sea of Clouds 140x70cm

Sailing in QianTang River 45x67cm


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