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Kang Yu-yi's Gallery(2)

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Peak Reaching Sky 45*67cm

Return Sails in Limpid River 45*60cm

Autumn Peom 67*45cm

Mountains after Mountains 45*67cm

Summer Clough 45*68cm

Evening Mountain Abode 67*67cm

Cavern behind Water Curtain 45*67cm

Mountain Road Wets Clothes without Rain 45*67cm

Mountain Fountain 67*45cm

Stone Woods in River 67*45cm

Morning Mist of Shuangxi Brook 67*45cm

Shaxi River 45*67cm

Mist of Shuangxi River 45*100cm

Headwaters in Mountain 50*67cm

Travel all Mountains 67*67cm

Nature's Work 45*67cm

Tenggeli Oasis 45*67cm

Earthly Paradise

Golden Autumn of Mount Tianping 150*80cm

Immense Forest of Tianshan Mountains 45*67cm

Snow of Tianshan Mountains 45*45cm

Grand Mount Taishan 45*45cm

Red Clouds over Mount Tianshan 67*45cm

Wolong Temple 137*67cm

Mist over Mountains 35*67cm

Mizzle of Wumeng Mountains 45*67cm

Huanggang Mountain amid Mists 178*67cm

Shaibu Cliff of Wuyi Mountain 67*45cm

Xichan Temple 45*67cm

Xiaohong Mountain 67*45cm

Echo in Empty Valley 70*45cm

Spring Clouds of Mountains and Waters 45*60cm

Sails amid Waters and Mountains 60*45cm

Fountains in Summer Mountains 67*67cm

Set out at Dawn from Mountains and Waters 45*67cm

A Ferry amid Mountains and Rivers 67*67cm

Summer Mountain after Rain 45*68cm

Summer Mountain after Rain 45*68cm


Western Tianshan Mountains 45*80cm

Mausoleum of King Xixia 45*67cm

After Summer Rain 67*67cm

Rainy Night of Yidu Mountain 45*67cm

Ancient People Entreating the Sun 45*67cm

Dream of Ancient Tenggeli 67*137cm

Wild Current after Rain 67*45cm

Happy Cattle 137*67cm

A Monkey 67*137cm

Islamic Iron Post 45*67cm

Spruce of the Snowy Tianshan Mountain 137*67cm

Moon, Eagle and Pine Tree 67*137cm

Sailing at Peace in Freedom 45*67cm

Night of Moon Bay 67*110cm

Yangzi Riverside 67*80cm

Ginkgo Tree from Zhenguan Age 67*137cm

Morning Sunlight in Mist 43*67cm

Look at Snow Mountain from Zhuojingjiang Riverside 67*134cm

Bamboo Houses 45*67cm

Houses amid Bamboo 67*90cm

Roaring Dragon 67*100cm

Gurgling Mountain Fountain 45*67cm

Serene Night 67*45cm

Remote Mountains and Great Streams 67*110cm

Daiyun Mountain Abode 67*110cm

Below Mount Diancang 67*110cm

Wet Clouds 45*67cm

Walking in Autumn Mountain 67*110cm

Sail Going through Clough 45*67cm

Guiyang Brook 67*110cm

Dragon Fountain 67*110cm

Wuyi Mountain Fan(dia.100cm)

Sailing a Lake 45*67cm

Streams towards Sea 45*67cm

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