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Directory of Prof Kang Yu-yi's artwork

Rising Sun at Yan Lake68x45cm Highest Peak of Yandang Mountain68x45cm Night at Yandang Mountains 45*68cm - Bridge and Brook 68x45cm Shangzhe Fall of Mt Yandang 45x68cm Peak Tianguan of Mt Yandang55x68cm

Spring Breeze Greens Mt Yandang Again 45x70cm - Dalongqiu of Mt Yandang70x70cm - Cave Guanyin of Mt Yandang 45x70cm -

Peak Ling of Mt Yandang 140x70cm - Peak Ling of Mt Yandang 70x70cm - Peak Ling Effusive Rock of Mt Yandang 70x70cm

Nantianmen of Mt Yandang 45x70cm - Peak Pingzhang of Mt Yandang 70x80cm - Fall Xishiliang of Mt Yandang 45x70cm -

Tianchi Lake of Mt Yandang 70x45cm - Bridge and Brook 45x70cm - Xianqiao of Mt Yandang 70x45cm - Grand Gorge Xianshengmen of Mt Yandang 70x80cm

A Small Volcanic Neck of Mt Yandang 70x45cm - Somewhere at Mt Yandang 70x70cm - Fall Yanwei, Mt Yandang 70x45cm - Rock Pecker of Mt Yandang 70x90cm -

Blue-wave Hill Station --- The Autumn of Beigu Hill --- Sailing Near a Hill --- Rainy Night of Mount Bashan --- Blue Brook ---

Drifting in a Blue Brook --- Emerging White Clouds from Mountains --- Beiyuan Tea Plantation --- Where Comes White Clouds ---

Dwelling in Clouds and Mountains --- Baizhangyan Cliff --- Spring Breeze Greens Bank near South Changjiang River ---

Spring Valley --- Mizzle over Spring River --- The Moment Moon Rises --- Spring Mountains in Mists --- Spring Mountains in Serein ---

Walking in Spring Mountain --- Boat in Spring Dawn --- Dawn of Spring Mountains --- Summer Riverside Village ---

Towering Cliff --- Chongyang Brook --- Serein(1) --- Serein(2) --- Immortal's Abode --- Rising Sun and Reed ---

Great River Running East --- Jinmen opposite Mainland of China --- Millenary Camphor Tree --- River Amid Mountains ---

Long-lived Tree of Taishan Mountain --- Grand Mountains --- Underflow amid Mountains ---

Pine Tree on Rock of Taishan Mountain --- Tao Generates Cosmos --- Fishing out Cave --- Winter Snowing Night ---

Abode in Daiyun Mountain --- Towering Greens of Daiyun Mountain --- Wonderland in Daiyun Mountain ---

Daiyun Mountain's Summer --- Daiyun Mountain's Spring --- Cool in Summer Mountains --- Moon over Mount Emei ---

Return to The Origin --- Waves with Winds --- Wind And Cloud Shaking The Mountain --- Archaic Temple In Spring Morning ---

Gangu Valley's Autumn --- Mount Monster Face --- Grand Mountain Range --- Spring of Archaic Forest ---

Come and Go in Poem --- Look down at Mountains And White Clouds --- Millenary Cypress Tree of Guanshan Mountain ---

Alp and Clough --- Greens of Mountain --- River towards Remote Mountain --- Alp, Clouds And Waters --- Mount Dog-head ---

Guiyang Waterfall ---New Life from Archiac Root --- Gongbade Fort --- Lakeside Autumn --- Huangguoshu Waterfall ---

Beauty under a Tree --- Cloud Rises from Mount Huanggang --- Sailing a Cold River --- Cliff Painting of Mount Helan(1) ---

Cliff Painting of Mount Helan(2) --- New Kazak House --- Looking Sky over Huangshan Mountains & Sunset at Taoxi Brook ---

Gleaming Riverside Village in Picture --- Morning Jiandou --- Fountain at Jinggangshan Mountains --- Life after Disaster ---

Waterfall at Jiuli Lake --- Jiulong Riverside --- Jinling Riverside --- Niushou Mount at Jinling --- Jiulong Brook ---

Raining Night at Jiulong --- Spring near South Changjiang River --- Greens of Jiuqu Brook --- Clear up after a Autumn Rain ---

Morning Mist above River --- River's Charm --- Mighty Pine Tree --- Jinshanzhai Valley --- Nice Night ---

Streams and Mountains at Night --- Grand Mount Kalajun --- Spruce of Mount Kalajun --- Kuimen Pass ---

Vacant Mountain after Rain --- Kazikule Peak --- Aigret Island in Mist --- Fountains around Greens --- Mount Dragon ---

Inspirational Montanic Scenery --- Inspirational Mountains and Waters --- Inspiration of the Nature ---

Mining under Mount Luotuoci --- Longtan's Autumn --- Mountain Dwellings --- Listening to Surf --- Roaring Deer ---

Mountain Village in Northern Fujian --- Green Mountain towards Evening --- Madelan Fountain --- Bright and Beautiful Jiangnan ---

Mountains in Fujian(1) --- Mountains in Fujian(2) --- Western Fujian Scenery --- Moyuan( Handwriting Art) ---

Moon Rises from Tianshan Mountains --- Moon and Pine Tree --- Moon, Pine Tree and Waters --- River in Mid Fujian ---

Returning Sail at Nanpu --- Flowering Kapok in South Asia --- Autumn of Oujiang River --- Oujiang River after Rain ---

Vast Snow --- Pingyuan River --- Autumn Wind Driving Sails & Grand Tekesi River --- Autumn Mountain Stream --- Washing at Limpid River ---

Autumn Ferry --- Autumn Scene --- Gulls in Flight --- Autumn Fruits --- Fountain Sound through Mountains ---

Autumn Mountain Mizzle --- Autumn Rain over Qiantang River --- Peak Reaching Sky --- Return Sails in Limpid River ---

Autumn Peom --- Running towards River --- Mountain Village amid White Clouds --- Mountains after Mountains ---

Sandie Fountain --- Summer Clough ---Evening Mountain Abode --- Mountain River --- Cavern behind Water Curtain ---

Shoulu Mountain --- Mountain Road Wets Clothes without Rain --- Mountain Fountain --- Stone Woods in River ---

Scenery beyond the Great Wall --- Morning Mist of Shuangxi Brook --- Shaxi River --- Mist of Shuangxi River ---

Headwaters in Mountain --- Procreation Worship --- Stone Bell Mountain --- Travel all Mountains --- Nature's Work ---

Tenggeli Oasis --- Look at Mount Tianhu in Distance --- Earthly Paradise --- Golden Autumn of Mount Tianping ---

Immense Forest of Tianshan Mountains --- Graze at Mount Tianshan --- Tianshan Mountains' Fountains ---

Snow of Tianshan Mountains --- Grand Mount Taishan --- Mount Tianshan and South Changjiang River ---

Taoxi Brook's Afterglow --- Taoyuan Scenery --- Red Clouds over Mount Tianshan --- Wanghu Pavilion ---

Changjiang River Running to Horizon --- Wolong Temple --- Mist over Mountains --- Mizzle of Wumeng Mountains ---

Huanggang Mountain amid Mists --- Shaibu Cliff of Wuyi Mountain --- Abode at Mount Wuyi --- Xichan Temple ---

Xiaohong Mountain --- My Comprehension about Painting( Handwriting Art) --- Obstructed Greens in Hongkong(1) ---

Obstructed Greens in Hongkong(2) --- Xiangjiang Riverside --- Spring Clouds of Mountains and Waters ---

Sails amid Waters and Mountains(1)--- Sails amid Waters and Mountains(2) --- Fountains in Summer Mountains ---

Evening Waters and Mountains --- Set out at Dawn from Mountains and Waters ---

Afterglow of Mountains and Rivers --- A Ferry amid Mountains and Rivers --- Summer Mountain after Rain(1) ---

Summer Mountain after Rain(2) --- Summer Mountain after Rain(3) --- Western Tianshan Mountains --- Mausoleum of King Xixia ---

After Summer Rain --- A Mountain Village --- Waiting the Moon in Mid-autumn --- A Ferry --- Peafowl Tree of Yidu Mountain ---

Under Yidu Mountain --- Rainy Night of Yidu Mountain --- Ancient People Entreating the Sun --- Dream of Ancient Tenggeli ---

Wild Current after Rain --- Green Mountain after Rain --- Remote Tree in Mist --- Houses in Clouds --- Horse Hill --- Happy Cattle ---

A Monkey --- Islamic Iron Post --- Moon Ascending Pine Forest --- Spruce of the Snowy Tianshan Mountain ---

Moon, Eagle and Pine Tree --- Sailing at Peace in Freedom --- Night of Moon Bay --- Yangzi Riverside ---

Leaving Baidi City in Morning Colorful Clouds --- Ginkgo Tree from Zhenguan Age --- Morning Sunlight over Mist ---

Look at Snow Mountain from Zhuojingjiang Riverside --- Bamboo Houses --- Houses amid Bamboo ---

Watershed between Zhejiang and Fujian --- Roaring Dragon --- Zuiweng Pavilin --- Morning Sunlight of Central Plain ---

Gurgling Mountain Fountain --- Serene Night --- Towering Green Peaks --- Split Peak of Wuyi Mountain ---

Remote Mountains and Great Streams --- Daiyun Mountain Abode --- Below Mount Diancang --- Wet Clouds ---

Walking in Autumn Mountain --- Sail Going through Clough --- Northern Fujian Scenery --- Guiyang Brook --- Dragon Fountain ---

Wuyi Mountain Fan --- Egrets above Summer Mountains --- Sailing a Lake --- Streams towards Sea --- Dragon Pine Tree ---

Beidai River --- Early Spring Mountains --- Towering Mountains and Rushing Waters(1997) --- Sunrise of Archaic Forest ---

Sunrise of Riverside Village --- Vacant Mountain after Rain --- Clouds of the Three Gorges --- Shuoshi Mountain --- Mount Frog ---

Mountains and Waters in Afterglow --- Green Fountain --- Grassland Paean --- Spring comes to Stone Mountain ---

Spring Breeze Greens Riverside Again --- Flowing Music in a Spring Valley --- A Spring River --- Spring Mountains ---

Spring Mountains after Rain --- Abode at Daiyun Mountains --- Moon at Emei Mountain --- Wind Calling Vast Waves ---

Lofty Mountain and Rushing Water(1998) --- Summer Rain near South Changjiang River --- Sails at Jiangxia ---

Autumn Moon of Kuimen --- Delicately Beautiful Fujian Rivers --- Summer of Nanhua Mountain --- Look South at Mountains ---

Peaks in Beauty Contest --- Spring of Qingliang Mountain ---Beautiful Fountain --- Santai Cavern --- Night of Saoye Mansion ---

White Clouds in Mountains --- Mountain Scenery --- Shizi Mountain --- Infall of Two Fountains --- Looking for --- Wolong Mountain ---

My Home at Remote Mountains --- Xiling Gorge --- Summer Mountain after Rian --- Green Mountain after Rain ---

Mei Flower Hill of Zhong Mountain --- Zhong Mountain after Snow --- Moon at Zhong Mountain --- Clouds, Mountains and Sails ---

Great Cold River in Gale --- Flying Snowflake Greeting Spring --- Nanhua Mountain --- Outside Jinling City --- Small Mountain Village ---

Greens of Mountains --- Down the Wind --- Spring Waters --- Night of Winter Lake --- Pressing Night Mountain Rain ---

Leaves of Autumn Mountain --- Vast Yellow Clouds with Wind --- Green Field, Clear River --- Two Twoers ---

Rolling Cloud and Wind --- Yangzi River Gorge --- Flowing Music of South Mountain --- Mountains in Beauty Contest ---

Western Mausoleum --- Mountains of Hometown --- Early Spring of South Changjiang River ---

Spring Comes to South Changjiang River --- Wushan Mountains --- Towering Mountain and Rushing Water(1999) --- Majesty ---

Aigrets in Serene Glen --- Flowing Fountain in Spring Mountain --- Cliff above Smooth Lake ---

Mountains and Clouds in Spring --- Qingshan Temple --- Western Mountain Ridge --- Spring Tianmen Mountains --- Xishan Temple ---

Boundless Changjiang River --- Waterfall down Ravine --- Houses at Eastern Cliff --- Swift Boat down Xiling Mount ---

Free Boats Sailing at Xiling Mountains --- A River in Sichuan --- Mountain River --- Peaks of Wushan Mountains ---

Back to Mountain and Forest --- Grand Yaluzangbu Gorge --- Love for Mountains --- Serein of Lijiang River ---

Grand Landscape in mid Fujian --- Morning of Daiyun Mountains --- Lofty Mountains --- Summer Mountains after Rain ---

Waterfall over a Mountain --- Only Water Sounds --- Pine Tree Dancing --- Spring Mountains Again ---

Spring Mountain Mist on New Millenary --- Lovely Spring Mountains --- Fragrance in Snow Sea --- Grand Scenery of Baiyun Mountain ---

Night of Qinling Mountain --- Return at Night --- Fisherman's Song in Evening --- Rosy Clouds and Greens --- Sunset of 19 Century ---

Yanziji Cliff over the Great River --- Green Mountains and Afterglow --- Fishing under Shilin Mountain --- Taoxi Riverside ---

Plain before Mountains --- Mountains in Sunny Spring --- Old Horse Travelling Mountains --- Sails in River ---

Soul of Mountain --- Waterfalls Whitens Ravines --- Afterglow on Xiling Mountain --- Houses on Mountain ---

Rapid Sails to Jiangling --- Spring of a Miaozu Village --- Glen Village --- Heavy Snow in Jinling ---

River Meandering through Mountains --- Taibai Mountain --- Remote Mountains, Remote Sails --- Water Sound all over Ravines ---

Xiling Gorge --- Marsh Spring --- Spring of Wumeng Mountain --- Great Mountain and River --- Snow beyond the Great Wall ---

Amid Mountains and Clouds --- Sisters Climbing Mountain --- Fountains in Summer Mountain --- Mountains and Waters ---

Mountainside Houses --- Alp Morning Sunlight --- The Sound of Great Mountain --- White Sales of Yashan Mountain ---

Valley Wind --- My Home Is at Riverside --- Mountain Dwelling --- Spring Mountains in Mist --- Propitious Sea of Clouds ---

Sailing in QianTang River --- Sunrise of New Millenary --- Mountain Gap of Tailan River --- Wenxi Bodhisattva ---

Kuokesu Gorge at North Tianshan Mountains --- Mining at Kuche in Night --- Headstream of Talimu River --- Flying Musician 2 ---

The Kashi River --- Fairies Visit Grape Valley in Night --- Shepherds under Qilian Mountains --- Mizzle over Wushao Mountain ---

Oil Field at Eastern Sinkiang Gobi --- Passing under Mount Tianshan at Night --- Grand Southern Tianshan Mountains ---

Coursing Passengers at Night Mountain Pass --- Millennia-Year-Old Tianshan Mountains Snow --- Kashi River Rapids ---

10 Kilometers Long Grape Valley --- Pass by Fire Mountain --- Copper Mine at Eastern Sinkiang --- Tuomuer Snow Peak ---

Autumn down Longshou Mountain --- Deep Slope of Tianshan Mountain --- Loess of Wushan Mountain --- Tailan Riverside ---

Morning of Qinling Mountain --- Clouds of Qinling Mountain --- Kayingde Gully of Northern Tianshan Mountains --- Yili River ---

Kazikule Peak of Northern Tianshan Mountains --- Flying Musician 1 --- Tailan River Gorge --- Railway between Baoji and Tianshui ---

Flying by Cloudy Mountains - Palace Halfway up Sky - Soaring over Mountains - Grand Hualian Gorge - Night at Hezhang Mount -

Empty Mountain after Rain - Supernatural Mountains and White Clouds - Towering Magical Peaks - From Remote Source -

Scene of Xiling Mountain - Sails aside Mountains - Peak Xianzhang - Peak Guanyin of Yandang Mountain -

Highest Peak of Yandang Mountain - Rising Sun at Yan Lake - A Spring River -

Beautiful Landscape of Jiangnan - Shallow Sea Floor World - Thermal Spring Valley -

Fogged Mountain and River - Mount Wu Towering -

Three Swords aside Jin Lake - Red Cliff with Holes in Wind - Mountains of Taining -

Spring Jin Lake in Tainig - Shangqing Brook Gorge - Red Cliffs in Green - Two World Divided by a Channel -

Ancient Temple in Jin Lake - Night at Yandang Mountains - Xian Bridge - Uprushing Fall of Yandang Mountain

Tianguan Peak of Yandang Mountains - Only Green - Hotspring Valley - A Sight of Huang Mountains - Grant Yu Mountains

Leisurely Clouds and Lofty Mountains - Singing Curving River - Morning Rhyme of Mountain and River - Landscape Rhyme

Landscape of Southern China - Deep Ravine - Two Springs Outgoing - Fog Locks River - Rhyme of Mountains - Mountain Village

Bashan Mountain in Night Rain - Beautiful Green Mountain Range - Cluster of Peaks - Mountain Village in Guizhou

Red Rock amid Green Trees - Grand Longshan Temple - Beautiful Jiangnan - Brook under Cliff - Intoxicated over a River

Mountains never age - Shangrila Impression - Autumn Moon upon Jiuhua Mountains -

Grand Mt Songshan 60x70cm - Spring of Peak Junji 70X70cm - Spring of Mt Songshan 70x45cm -

Nantianmen 45X70cm - Remote Mountains in Spring Rain 70x45cm - Spring Fountain of Mt Shaoshi 45x70cm -

Towering Mt Songshan 45x70cm - Just after a Spring Rain 70x45cm - Towering Mt Songshan --- for The Centenary Yongchun 1st High School 45x70cm -

Junji Peak alt.1500 45x70cm - Towering Southern Mt Songshan 45x70cm -

Arrow-like Peaks of Mt Songshan 45x70cm - Sanhuangzhai after Rain 45x70cm - Red Flowers of Mt Songshan 45x70cm -

Grand Mt Shaoshi 70x45cm - Ancient Surge 70x45cm - Mt Songshan under Sky 45x70cm - Gully of Mt Songshan 70x45cm -

Amid Mt Taishi 70x45cm - Grand Mt Songshan 70x45cm - 2.5 Billion-year Old Floor of Mt Songshan 45x70cm - A Canyon of Mt Songshan 45x70cm

Cloud Rising in Mt Songshan 70x70cm - Luya Fall 70x70cm - Mt Yusai in Mist 45x70cm -

Mt Songshan after Snow 70x70cm - Green Spring Mountains 70x70cm - Peaks of Mt Shaoshi 70x70cm

Mt Songshan amid Clouds 70x70cm - Erecting Rocky Peaks 70x70cm - Metamorphic Basal Conglomerate of Mt Songshan 45x70cm -

Hanjiangjun Cypress 70x70cm - Cloud of Mt Laojun 70x70cm - Grandly Emerges 45x70cm - Tremendous Changes of Mt Songshan 70x70cm

A Tower in Mt Songshan 47x70cm - Landscape of Sanhuangzhai, Songshan Mountains 45x70cm - Autumn Moon of Mt Songshan 70x70cm

Spring South of Mt Songshan 70x70cm - Dwelling High Hillside 70x70cm -

Nimble Rock Greeting Spring 45x70cm - White Fall upon Red Basin 45x70cm - Taining in Misty Rain 70x45cm

Red Cliffs Become Statelier When Cloud Rising from Valley 45x68cm - Taining Red Cliffs amid Clouds 45x68cm - Narrow Valley at Jinhu Lake 138x68cm

Rhyme of Taining 138x67cm - Tainig World Geopark Art Show's Headline 45*70cm - Taining Granite Maintains 67*43cm - Taining Ganlu Temple 43*67cm

Taining in Spring 43*67cm - Spring Rain of Taining 43*67cm - Shanqing in Mist 43*67cm - Bright Moon and Cool Breeze of Taining 43*67cm

Autumn Moon of Zhaixia 43*67cm - Taining Baishuiji 43*67cm - Red Sunlight over Mountains 67*43cm - Mountain Stream and Pine Forest 43*67cm

Red Cliff in Mist 43*67cm - A Limpid Brook in Mist 43*67cm - Graceful Landscape of Taining Mountains 43*67cm - Grand Jinnao Mountain 67*43cm

Storm over Taining Mountain 67*43cm - The Moon see me off Through Two Peaks 43*67cm

Zhaixia Waterfall 43*67cm - Slender Stream into Shangqing Brook 43*67cm - Mountians in Summer Storm 67*43cm - Taining involved in Mist 43*67cm

Zhaixia Fengshui Forest 43*67cm - Sunrise of Jinhu Lake 43*67cm - Under Mt. Jinnao 43*67cm - Sunrise at Dajin Lake 67*43cm - Mount Songsan under Sky 70*70cm

Nice Danxia Mountain 43*67cm - Comely Green Mountain 136*68cm - Morning Bijia Mountain 136*68cm - Sunrise 70*35cm - White Clouds in Mountains 70*45cm

Bright Mountain Moon 70*45cm - Ever Mountain, Ever Sails 70*70cm - Sunset in Stone Mountain 70*45cm -

Forgeting Return Home with Leisure Waters 70*70cm - Dark Sky Implying a Rain 70*45cm - Jialing River Locked by Mist 70*70cm

Morning Music of Mountain and River 45*70cm - Mountains with Pure River 140*35cm - Flying Crane and Pavilion 135*67cm

Yusun Cliff 70*60cm - Graceful Mountains in Clouds 140*35cm - Dwellong of Clouds 45*70cm - Extensive Clouds from Downpour Yesterday 140*70cm

The Most Bright Moon is in Home 70*45cm - Morning Sunlight of Gully 67*67cm - Propitious Clouds over Auspitious Place 70*70cm

Mountain, Clouds and Pure River 134*67cm - Lofty Stone Cliffs 68*68cm - Coming Light Boats in Spring Breeze 68*68cm - Containing Ample Countries 140*35cm

Caishii Cliff 45*70cm - Autumn Moon at Caishiji Cliff 70*45cm - Ascend and View 140*70cm - Clouds Rising in Giant Mountains 140*70cm

Giant Mountain, Clouds and River 120*70cm - Daiyun Mountain 140*70cm - My Home Daiyun Mountain 140*70cm - Red Mountain With Green Reflecting River 140*35cm

Light Boats in East River 140*34cm - Colorful Mountains in Guizi 140*35cm - Ciff Forest of Mont Huang 140*35cm - A Corner of Mount Huang 45*70cm

Along with River Wind to Encounter Half Mountain's Cloud 140*35cm - Spring Breeze Greens Jiangnan Again 140*35cm - Early Spring of Jiangnan 45*70cm

Morning Haze over River 45*70cm - Zijin Mountain of Jinling 70*45cm - Echo in Empty Valley 70*45cm - Spring Breeze Pleasing Sails 68*68cm

Lijiang River, The Most Beautiful one 80*40cm - Splash-ink: Music of Morning 70*70cm - Splash-ink: Spring Rain in Jiangnan 70*70cm

Splash-ink: Empty Mountain after Rain 45*70cm - Splash-ink: Pure River in the Foot of Mountain 70*70cm - Splash-ink: Shuangxi Infall 70*70cm

Cherishable Mountain and River 70*45cm - Splash-ink: Green Mountain 70*45cm - Splash-ink Landscape Painting 45*60cm

Morning sunlight of China 68*45cm -

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