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Kang Yu-yi's Gallery(7)

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Red Flowers of Mt Songshan 45x70cm

Grand Mt Shanshi 70x45cm

Ancient Surge 70x45cm

Mt Songshan under Sky 45x70cm

Gully of Mt Songshan 70x45cm

Mt Yusai in Mist 45x70cm

Grand Mt Songshan 70x45cm

2.5 Billion-year Old Floor of Mt Songshan 45x70cm

A Canyon of Mt Songshan 45x70cm

Mt Songshan after Snow 70x70cm

Cloud Rising in Mt Songshan 70x70cm

Luya Fall 70x70cm

Autumn Moon at Caishiji Cliff 70*45cm

Ascend and View 140*70cm

Clouds Rising in Giant Mountains 140*70cm

Giant Mountain, Clouds and River 120*70cm

Daiyun Mountain 140*70cm

My Home Daiyun Mountain 140*70cm

Mt Songshan amid Clouds 70x70cm

Erecting Rocky Peaks 70x70cm

Metamorphic Basal Conglomerate of Mt Songshan 45x70cm

Hanjiangjun Cypress 70x70cm

Cloud of Mt Laojun 70x70cm

Grandly Emerges 45x70cm

Tremendous Changes of Mt Songshan 70x70cm

A Tower in Mt Songshan 47x70cm

Landscape of Sanhuangzhai, Songshan Mountains 45x70cm

Autumn Moon of Mt Songshan 70x70cm

Spring South of Mt Songshan 70x70cm

Dwelling High Hillside 70x70cm

Mount Songsan under Sky 70*70cm

Green Spring Mountains 70x70cm

Taining in Misty Rain 70x45cm

Red Cliffs Become Statelier When Cloud Rising from Valley 45x68cm

Taining Red Cliffs amid Clouds 45x68cm

Narrow Valley at Jinhu Lake 138x68cm

Rhyme of Taining 138x67cm

Tainig World Geopark Art Show's Headline 45*70cm

Taining Granite Maintains 67*43cm

Taining Ganlu Temple 43*67cm

Taining in Spring 43*67cm

Spring Rain of Taining 43*67cm

Shanqing in Mist 43*67cm

Bright Moon and Cool Breeze of Taining 43*67cm

Autumn Moon of Zhaixia 43*67cm

Taining Baishuiji 43*67cm

Red Sunlight over Mountains 67*43cm

Mountain Stream and Pine Forest 43*67cm

Red Cliff in Mist 43*67cm

A Limpid Brook in Mist 43*67cm

Graceful Landscape of Taining Mountains 43*67cm

Grand Jinnao Mountain 67*43cm

Peaks of Mt Shaoshi 70x70cm

Storm over Taining Mountain 67*43cm

The Moon see me off Through Two Peaks 43*67cm

Zhaixia Waterfall 43*67cm

Slender Stream into Shangqing Brook 43*67cm

Mountians in Summer Storm 67*43cm

Taining involved in Mist 43*67cm

Zhaixia Fengshui Forest 43*67cm

Sunrise of Jinhu Lake 43*67cm

Under Mt. Jinnao 43*67cm

Sunrise at Dajin Lake 67*43cm

White Fall upon Red Basin 45x70cm

Nice Danxia Mountain 43*67cm

Comely Green Mountain 136*68cm

Morning Bijia Mountain 136*68cm

Sunrise 70*35cm

White Clouds in Mountains 70*45cm

Bright Mountain Moon 70*45cm

Ever Mountain, Ever Sails 70*70cm

Sunset in Stone Mountain 70*45cm


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