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Kang Yu-yi's Gallery(3)

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Dragon Pine Tree 67*110cm

Beidai River 67*110cm

Early Spring Mountains 67*45cm

Towering Mountains and Rushing Waters 45*67cm

Sunrise of Archaic Forest 134*67cm

Sunrise of Riverside Village 45*67cm

Clouds of the Three Gorges 67*45cm

Shuoshi Mountain 45*67cm

Mount Frog 67*45cm

Mountains and Waters in Afterglow 45*67cm

Green Fountain 45*67cm

Grassland Paean 45*67cm

Spring comes to Stone Mountain 45*67cm

Spring Breeze Greens Riverside Again 67*45cm

Flowing Music in a Spring Valley 137*67cm

A Spring River 67*45cm

Spring Mountains 45*67cm

Spring Mountains after Rain 45*67cm

Abode at Daiyun Mountains 167*67cm

Moon at Emei Mountain 45*67cm

Wind Calling Vast Waves 137*67cm

Lofty Mountain and Rushing Water 67*137cm

Summer Rain near South Changjiang River 137*67cm

Sails at Jiangxia 67*45cm

Autumn Moon of Kuimen 45*67cm

Delicately Beautiful Fujian Rivers 137*67cm

Summer of Nanhua Mountain 67*45cm

Look South at Mountains 137*67cm

Peaks in Beauty Contest 67*137cm

Spring of Qingliang Mountain 67*137cm

Beautiful Fountain 45*67cm

Santai Cavern 67*100cm

Night of Saoye Mansion 67*137cm

White Clouds in Mountains 137*67cm

Mountain Scenery 45*67cm

Shizi Mountain 45*67cm

Infall of Two Fountains 45*67cm

Looking for 45*67cm

Wolong Mountain 137*67cm

My Home at Remote Mountains 45*67cm

Xiling Gorge 67*100cm

Summer Mountain after Rian 67*45cm

Green Mountain after Rain 45*67cm

Mei Flower Hill of Zhong Mountain 33*67cm

Zhong Mountain after Snow 137*67cm

Moon at Zhong Mountain 45*67cm

Clouds, Mountains and Sails 45*67cm

Great Cold River in Gale 45*67cm

Flying Snowflake Greeting Spring 45*67cm

Nanhua Mountain 45*67cm

Outside Jinling City 137*67cm

Small Mountain Village 137*67cm

Greens of Mountains 45*67cm

Down the Wind 45*67cm

Down the Wind 45*67cm

Night of Winter Lake 67*45cm

Pressing Night Mountain Rain 45*67cm

Leaves of Autumn Mountain 67*100cm

Vast Yellow Clouds with Wind 67*45cm

Green Field, Clear River 67*45cm

Two Twoers 45*67cm

Rolling Cloud and Wind 137*67cm

Yangzi River Gorge 45*67cm

Flowing Music of South Mountain 45*67cm

Mountains in Beauty Contest 100*67cm

Western Mausoleum 45*67cm

Mountains of Hometown 67*67cm

Early Spring of South Changjiang River 45*67cm

Spring Comes to South Changjiang River 45*67cm

Wushan Mountains 67*137cm

Towering Mountain and Rushing Water 45*67cm

Majesty 100*67cm

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