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Artgeological Painting Show of World Geoparks by Kang Yu-yi

[Leaderette] In Feb 2005, Prof Kang Yu-yi Published his new book, Artgeology and Traditional Chinese Painting. This book indicated the naissance of a new arts-science crossed academic branch, Artgeology, in China. The book also symbolized a new landscape painting school's presence, Artgeology Painting School, or so called Kang Painting School.

Artgeological Landscape Painting means the landscape painting art directed by Artgeology theory, created according to different geological structural zone and different climatic zone. That seems tempering toughness with gentleness, having resonant spirit and moving life, simultaneously containing geological connotations without losing the character and tone of Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting.

Prof Kang devoted in the research and investigation work of tourist resource in 1985, more than 20 years eversince he never breaked his sedulous search on Artgeological Landscape Painting. During the tourist resource investigation and research work, he set up a way for landscape painting to directly serve the national economy construction, hence the institution of “Artgeology”, with numerous significant achievements. Those boos, An Album of Landscape Paintings of Tourism Resources in Guizhou (Guizhou People' Publishing House, 1989), A Collection of Kang Yu-yi’s Paintings of the Tourism Resources of Tekes, Xinjiang (Nanjing University Publishing House, 1994), Yongchun, Fujian Province , A Scinic Sport for Tourism (Nanjing Publishing House, 1997) and Artgeology and Chinese Painting (Jiangsu Art Publishing House, 2005) etc, constructed the integrated system of Artgeological Painting School.

In May 2005, at the firt publishing colloquium of Artgeology and Chinese Painting, the famous geologist Prof Wang Dezi, a academician of CAS, advised Prof Kang to undertake a Artgeological research on Chinese world geoparks, go on promoting this branch. Prof Wang Dezi proposed Yandangshan Mountain, Zhejiang Province as the first research subject, Prof Kang accepted his advice joyfully.

Prof Kang carried out explorations on the spot sparing no effort in the past 2 years, browsing numerous geological literature, "learn outwards from nature as teacher, gain inwards from heart as resource, comprehend aethetics abruptly, transform artisticlly". Prof Kang has complished his Artgeological creation of Zhejiang Yandangshan and Henan Songshan these 2 world geoparks, his artworks on Taining World Geopark are been produced out piece by piece recently.

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Artgeological Painting Show of Yandangshan World Geopark by Kang Yu-yi

Artgeological Painting Show of Songshan World Geopark by Kang Yu-yi

Artgeological Painting Show of Taining World Geopark by Kang Yu-yi

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