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Artgeological Painting Show of Songshan World Geopark by Kang Yu-yi

Grand Mt Songshan 60*70cm

Spring of Peak Junji 70*70cm

Spring of Mt Songshan 70*45cm

Towering Southern Mt Songshan 45*70cm

Nantianmen 45*70cm

Remote Mountains in Spring Rain 70*45cm

Arrow-like Peaks of Mt Songshan 45*70cm

Spring Fountain of Mt Shaoshi 45*70cm

Towering Mt Songshan 45*70cm

Just after a Spring Rain 70*45cm

Towering Mt Songshan --- for The Centenary Yongchun 1st High School 45*70cm

Junji Peak alt.1500 45*70cm

Red Flowers of Mt Songshan 45*70cm

Grand Mt Shaoshi 70*45cm

Ancient Surge 70*45cm

Mt Songshan under Sky 45*70cm

Gully of Mt Songshan 70*45cm

Amid Mt Taishi 70*45cm

Grand Mt Songshan 70*45cm

2.5 Billion-year Old Floor of Mt Songshan 45*70cm

A Canyon of Mt Songshan 45*70cm

Sanhuangzhai after Rain 45*70cm

Cloud Rising in Mt Songshan 70*70cm

Luya Fall 70*70cm

Mt Yusai in Mist 45*70cm

Nimble Rock Greeting Spring 45*70cm

Mount Songsan under Sky 70*70cm

Mt Songshan after Snow 70*70cm

Green Spring Mountains 70*70cm

Peaks of Mt Shaoshi 70*70cm

Mt Songshan amid Clouds 70*70cm

Erecting Rocky Peaks 70*70cm

Metamorphic Basal Conglomerate of Mt Songshan 45*70cm

Hanjiangjun Cypress 70*70cm

Cloud of Mt Laojun 70*70cm

Grandly Emerges 45*70cm

Tremendous Changes of Mt Songshan 70*70cm

A Tower in Mt Songshan 47*70cm

Landscape of Sanhuangzhai, Songshan Mountains 45*70cm

Autumn Moon of Mt Songshan 70*70cm

Spring South of Mt Songshan 70*70cm

Dwelling High Hillside 70*70cm

Songshan Geopark covering 450km2 is situated in Henan Province, China. Its main types of geological heritages are geological (structural) sections, and the main landscapes include peculiar erosional structures and limestone karst landscapes.

Songshan Mountain is geotectonically located in the southern part of the North China ancient land. Within it successive and complete Archean (3,500Ma ago), Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic stratigraphic sections are exposed with clear stratigraphic sequence and typical structural features, and are called “Five Eras Gathering” by the geological circles. In fact, here is a complete “rock” book recording the evolution history of the Earth.

Because the mountains and peaks such as Yuzhaishan, Junjifeng, Wuzhiling and Jianshan are mainly formed by quartzite and built up by tectonic movements, they all tower aloft above 400m elevation. Steep and graceful precipices and cliffs and wonderful valleys are widespread in the area, forming unique landforms and landscapes.

Within the area, depositional break and angular unconformity planes formed by 3 Cambrian global crustal movements at 2,300Ma (Songyang movement), 1,850Ma (Zhongyue movement) and 570Ma (Shaolin movement) are well preserved. Zhongyue movement initiated the Songshan tecto-geological bodies, providing preliminary conditions for weathering and erosion; while the structural framework formed by Yanshan movement provide the model of Songshan features of today. Due to the Himalayan movement, Songshan Mountain was continuously uplifted and eroded, so that the fault-fracture zones have become passes; fractured joins and fissures form valleys in different shapes, scales and depths; vertically occurred quartzite have been eroded to form clustered landforms and perilous cliffs. The resulted crustal structures such as domes, collapses, folds and faults together with structural framework with alternative circular, linear and block structures become a miniature of tectonic evolution in the crust. Here is not only a natural laboratory for studying the process of the influences of compression, metamorphism, faulting, mountain building, erosion and planation etc. on Cambrian sedimentary formation as well as the law of crustal evolution, but also a treasure house for popularizing geoscientific knowledge to tourists.

People of 8 nationalities including Han, Hui, Pumi, Bai, Yi, Miao, Uygur and Mongolian live in the geopark, forming a big family of multiple nationalities. During each festival of the ethnic minorities, the local government and Han people attend the celebration to fully show and enjoy the folk custom and folkways.

Songshan Mountain is one of the five most famous mountains (known as Wuyue) in China, and is called “Zhongyue” where exist a total of 10 monasteries, 5 temples, 5 palaces, 3 Taoist temples, 4 nunneries, 4 caves, 3 altars and more than 270 pagodas, and is the holy land gathering three major religions: Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. The world-famous Shaolin Temple lie hidden just in Songshan Mountain. These plentiful scenes and sights of cultural interest and rare and precious geological heritages mingle and add radiance and beauty to each other, forming the solid, multi-level, multi-functional and enchanting landscape of the Songshan Geopark.

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