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Nanjing Foyuan Artware Shop

The Nanjing Foyuan Artware Shop is established on May 5, 2006, Located at A4-2-2 of Nanjing Yiwu Commodities City, subordinate to SuperWork Institute.

We mainly deal with all sorts of Buddhist articles, artwares and jewellery. We focus on the wholesale market of eastern China, Cherishing the hope to benefit and please more and more sentient beings. Our policy is to collect various quality articles from all over China, and charge really low!

Our company now is the oversea agent of Nimu Tibetan Incense.

The Light-opening Certificate from Lhasa Jokhang Temple Monastery for Nimu Tibetan Incense

Quality AAA Certificate from Light Industry Ministry of China for Nimu Tibetan Incese

Light-opening Ceremony of Our Shop

Calligraphy Granted by the 93-year old eminent Monk Yuanlin

Calligraphy Granted by the Famous Artist Kang Yu-yi

Introduction to Nimu Tibetan Incense

Our shop enshrines respectfully the holy relic of 8th Karmapa. Karmapa is one of the most famous living Buddhas in Tibetan Buddhism, refered with Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama as the Three Great Tibetan Living Buddhas, and Karmapa is particularly celebrated for his achievement in Buddhist practice.

Welcome to our shop to visit this sacred, magic relic!

The 2 dark little balls are relic of 8th Karmapa, diameter is about 2mm, both sides are fragments of Tibetan incense. A female lay Buddhist in Shanghai once received 8 Pieces of relic of 8th Karmapa, in 2 years the 8 pieces grew into hundreds pieces, ours is 2 of them!

Karmapa's Official Website

Our Location in the Nanjing Yiwu Commodities City

Inscription by 93-year old eminent Monk Yuanlin for our company:



Inscription by Prof Kang Yu-yi for our company:




About Monk Yuanlin

Prof Kang Yu-yi & Monk Yuanlin

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