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Introduction to Nimu Tibetan Incense

The Nimu Tibetan Incense product series is manufactured by Age-old Tibetan Incense Mill, which is located in Tibet (Xizang), China. Those products were first made by Thonopa Sijo Tseten, the inventer of Tibetan Characters. Later on, he passed down the secret recipes and producing technique to people in his hometown, Tunba village,Nimu county, which has been the main production base of Tibetan incense for the last 1,300 years.

Thanks to further research and improvement by incense makers in history, Nimu Tibetan Incense now boasts fine making technique, superb quality, unique and enduring fragrance. Ingredients of Nimu Tibetan Incense are highly demanding and it requires the coordination among nature, man, yin, yang and physiology. Each type of ingredient in recipes focuses on one particular effect. For instance, it contains specific medicinal ingredients that are good to your heart, liver, spleen, stomach and lung.

Its inherited mysterious recipes together with fine handcraft enable it to kill virus, purify and cleanse the air, prevent epidemic and refresh your mood. If you practise Zen( meditation), or perform a Buddhist ceremony, Tibetan incense will be very helpful, the effectiveness has been proved during long history. It can also perfume your clothes with lasting aroma if put in wardrobe. It is hailed as the “King of Tibetan Incense” and the most valuable of its kind. In particular, the pure and clean producing craft crowns it to be one of the three perfect articles in worship ceremony.

Major ingredients: saffron, snow lotus herb, muskiness, Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, red orpine, clove, borneol and sandalwood, and other dozens of precious Tibetan medicine and medicinal herb. The essence of those ingredients is well reserved in the incense.

Nimu Tibetan Incense has four major characteristics: natural, fine, clean and pure.

Natural: Its ingredients are completely natural Tibetan herbal medicine and plants, carefully compounded with millennium-old cypress that grows on snow-capped Tibetan plateau and mountains.

Fine: The incense producers inherit unique recipes and delicate making technique from forefathers.

Clean: The making process is highly demanding. One of its ingredients such as spring water must be filtered for many times to become clean enough, and to free plankton as well.

Pure: The source of mountain spring is where senior Buddhist Lamas practise annual kaji (expounding and empowerment) to spring water.

The Nimu Tibetan Incense is a combination of Tibetan medicine and Buddhist culture, with great practical and commemorative value. It is indeed an unique Tibetan specialty.

The Light-opening Certificate from Lhasa Jokhang Temple Monastery for Nimu Tibetan Incense

Quality AAA Certificate from Light Industry Ministry of China for Nimu Tibetan Incese

Famous Trademark Certificate from Light Industry Ministry of China for Nimu Tibetan Incese

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