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History of SuperWork Institute

By Chen Xiaodong

2005-11-9 updated

Ping Xin Tang is the pronunciation of our study and clinic name in Chinese, which was first established by my wife Li Ting and I in Shangxi Province China( PRC), 1996. Later, we put Pingxintang( "PXT") onto Internet as www.superwork.com, which is intended to reflect our spiritual world, to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine and Classic Chinese Culture.

Every time I recollect that period( 1996~ 2000) of our life in Shangxi, deep sorrows flood from my heart. What a time, full of bitternesses, sweetnesses, tears, joys, failures and successes. Buddha was great, because he said" The world is full of tribulations"; We were great, because we demonstrated Buddha's word literally; My girl friend Li Ting( later my wife) was greater than me, because no tribulation could ever prevent her from cooking delicious meals.We had just graduated from Shaihai University of TCM when we moved to Shanxi, as socially inexperienced young people, purely honest, righteous, simple and therefore frail. we had previously dreamed to exert our talent freely there, for society, for the nation and for ourselves. That dream was immediately proved to be totally wrong in front of those nasty, malicious, greedy, crafty bureaucrats, those placemen usually title themselves as "public servants". However, they were all bloodsuckers indeed. We regreted our stupidity of recognising the truth so late then.Fate is unpredictable, as it was in us. Those placemen and bloodsuckers drove us into a unique and precious situation that had hardly happened for more than 160 years in our country since Opium War( 1840). Consequently we commenced our 4 year's legend, destroying all sorts of diseases with pure Traditional Chinese Medicine( TCM) method and not intermixed by any other, thinking entirely in TCM philosophy which handed down from ancient sages thousands years ago and no longer be comprehended by modern Chinese, healing patients with all sorts of tough illnesses upon whom many doctors before us had failed.

Due to our gifted apprehending power and profound researches in classical Chinese philosophy, we had managed to acquire an excellent medical skill through several years of practices. With Chinese medical herb, acupuncture, we produced many wonderful remedies, just far beyond imaginations that common doctors could ever dreamed of, really magic. We treated all kinds of patients belonging to internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology and pediatrics as well. Almost all the patients that came for us had been treated by other TCM doctors or western medical doctors, however, they were disappointed. Attracted by our medical fame in the local area, they came and were rescued in our clinic. Here are some cases among those.

Now, we both have spent a full decade in 3 Chinese Universities studying science and TCM, both have a Bachelor Degree of Science and a Master Degree of Medicine. Diploma means nothing, however, we master the real key of TCM and would be glad to rescue humankind with it.

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