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Report on Our First AIDS Case's Progress

By Chen Xiaodong

(updated 2006-1-9)

We have taken over our first AIDS( Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) patient recently. My wife, Doctor Li Ting acts as the master doctor, and I the subsidiary.

We have acquired obvious curative effects ever since we undertook the treatment of this AIDS patient, the healing methods are Chinese drug and acupuncture as usual. We cease all western medicines to this patient at the beginning of our treatment, since those drugs have been proved repeatedly of no use to him. If we could retain the upward progress trend, we will cure this AIDS patient eventually. I would like to update this page regularly, in order to issue the latest progress.

We assign "A1" as this patient's code name.

[Date] 2005-11-24

[Status of First Visit] A1, male, 35-year old, middle stature. His lower limbs have been paralysed for about 4 months , he can not piss and defecate to his own mind, so he has use urinary catheters for about 4 months, his feces is dry, hard and it's defficult to be discharged. He can not take care of himself, can not turn over by himself. He feels hot and bitter inside the body, both legs' muscle atrophy obviously, the shanks are more severe. a belt-like region across his lower belly has no feeling, he can not cantrol his abdominal muscles. Every evening, the medial sides of his legs ache incessantly, in order to fall asleep he must take western pain-killer. The day before yesterday, due to the inefficacy of long term treatment, he leaves hospital stoutly without the consent of his doctors, though he runs a fever every evening then.

[Medical History] He got infected by AIDS virus in a blood transfusion 6 years ago, AIDS does not break out those years and he does not know infected.

[病史] 起因为6年前因病输血感染AIDS病毒,数年来一直潜伏未发作。直到2005年偶尔出现潮热症状,自己未加注意。7月初出现咳喘、消瘦、乏力,在某省级医院确认为艾滋病,开始住院治疗。7月下旬在住院期间,并发结核性脊髓炎。开始时排尿困难,继而大便难,走路难,瘫痪,以左腿为重,前后约半个月。从确诊为艾滋病以来,已经省、市级医院的西医专家多方治疗无效,中医专家则拒绝治疗。

[平心堂点评] 患者因并发肺炎才检查、确认为艾滋病,住院期间又并发脊髓炎,说明治疗失败,因为没有能够阻止病情发展。正如很多其他患者的经历,什么大医院都去了,什么专家都看了,什么药都用了,最后实在没办法了,才辗转到小门诊部里找我们。“对于一种疾病,只有积累相当多的临床经验之后,才有把握治疗”,这是许多人都持有的一种针对中医师的大错特错的见解。清代名医叶天士,十四岁就坐堂行医,二十岁时临近的省份咸闻其医名。叶氏是一代宗师,他的遗著至今仍然是中医药大学里的必修课。





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